BRIAN MERRITT: Must Haves For The Modern Man

Brian recently sat down with Splash Chicago to discuss style and share some of the items he deems as necessity for the modern man.

Check out a few of his picks below and view the full story here:

Sir & Madame: "SIR" pullover, $115, 5225 S. Harper Court;

Sir & Madame: "SIR" pullover, $115, 5225 S. Harper Court;

BLRDesign: denim pants, $200-300,1745 S. Halsted,

BLRDesign: denim pants, $200-300,1745 S. Halsted,

Visvim:Decoy Duck Boot, $579;

Visvim:Decoy Duck Boot, $579;

NEW STYLE ALERT: Sir and Madame Nylon Collection has landed...!

This collection was inspired by the habit of women, specifically Autumn, always wearing their spouses {Brian} clothing. While our clientele doesn't shy away from shopping on both sides, we wanted to create a true Unisex collection. This capsule was actually supposed to hit shelves months ago, but due to changes in manufacturing the release was delayed. However, considering the Japanese Nylon fabrication and mild temps the timing is perfect!


Sir and Madame Apr2017 10photos-8.jpg
Sir and Madame Apr2017 10photos-22.jpg

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The Collab+oration Theory: Joe & Terrell on Originality


Process > product

They say collaboration rules the nation.

The process of collaboration will always be greater than the byproduct of collaboration.

Understanding the complexities of this process, we teamed with Square 56 to highlight provocative partners and their respective journeys as they creative collaboratively via a series of 1 minute videos. 

First up, Joe Fresh Goods and Terrell of Fat Tiger Works speak on Originality. 

Extended Version 

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