Style Is...Girl Natalie

Who are you?

Girlnat! Style maven and soon to be media mogul.

What Inspires your style?

Rock & roll, boys, traveling, and the 70s disco era.

How do you define Chicago Style? How is it reflected in your personal style, if at all?

Proud, weather resistant, layered, effortless. Chicago style is about function. You have to dress for the elements. I have my go-to leather boots that I know I can walk around the city in comfortably and stylishly, whether is 10 degrees or 70. I have my go-to leather jacket that I can wear whether it's September or May. It's all about having a look; an established sense of style that can work no matter the season.

What do you look for from Sir & Madame?

Wardrobe staples. The classic, high end, urban aesthetic. Good leather and denim.

Favorite Chicago shopping destinations (not limited to clothing)

Mariano's, SMC, RSVP Gallery, Unique Thrift, and Village Thrift

Favorite websites (not limited to fashion),

What are you currently reading and/or listening to?

My constant flow of e-mails and NAO – this new artist out of the UK

Favorite Chicago restaurant, bar or lounge

Lost Lake Tiki and Au Cheval

What were you wearing 10 years ago?

A lil Baby Phat, a lil Abercrombie & Fitch...mostly hand me downs from my sister though. I was a tomboy wearing too-big clothes...with a few cute things. lol

In 3 words or less...Style Is?

Loving yourself confidently




Natalie is pictured in the Sir & Madame Heavyweight T-Shirt in Nickel

Find her @girlnatalie_ (IG: @girlnatalie)

Photographer: @stefanklapko Stefan Klapko