Style Is...Deadstock Dave

Who are you?

I’m Dave, or known to social media as Deadstockdave, I’m a part of the creative collective known as All Summa or Saints.

What Inspires your style?

My style is inspired by how I feel when I wake up. I would say it started from getting ideas from celebrities and my friends. But a lot of the time now its just based on how I feel in the morning. Im very meticulous, so as long as I look neat and clean I’m pretty much good to go lol

How do you define Chicago Style? How is it reflected in your personal style, if at all?

Chicago style is different than every other city,region or whatever. I'm a firm believer that we inspire the world. I think we take a blend of streetwear and luxury/contemporary fashion and makes it look awesome. Whereas to me personally, some other cities styles just look like they’re trying way too hard or didn’t try hard enough lol.

What do you look for from Sir & Madame?

What do I look for from Sir & Madame. Well i guess I’ll answer that question with this answer. I look at you guys (Autumn and Brian) style and I look for it to be a medium or mixture. Especially with the new designs, which I think are great. I just look for it to be true to Chicago’s culture. Which  feel is heavy represented by the both of your styles.

Favorite Chicago shopping destinations (not limited to clothing)

Favorite Chicago shopping destinations would be RSVP, Saint Laurent and Notre, lol wherever I can get some clean grey tee’s from, John Elliott to be specific

Favorite websites (not limited to fashion)

Favorite websites would be John and

What are you currently reading and/or listening to?

The two books that I’m currently reading are Phil Jackson’s Eleven Rings and Steal Like An Artist. Music is kind of how I feel as well but I’ve been listening to lil Uzi Vert, G.o.D Jewels and of course Future 

Favorite Chicago restaurant, bar or lounge

My favorite restaurant in Chicago is probably Jerkvilla, pretty bummed one of the locations burned down because I’m not really trying to be on 79th and Halsted at all, lol.

What were you wearing 10 years ago?

Me and my friends just had this conversation recently. I was wearing LRG (I was super into LRG) but was kind of starting to lean into the preppy look with Ralph Lauren. I had finally put the size 36-38 jeans down and started buying my size.

In 3 words or less...Style Is?

Style Is you,you,and you.


Dave is pictured in the Sir & Madame Graffiti Pullover

Find him @deadstockdave

Photographer: @stefanklapko Stefan Klapko