Style Is...Ricks

If you have been following us, you know we like to do a little segment called Style Is... in which we dive into the inspiration of folks whose style we admire. In our second edition of the feature we are highlighting Chicago Natives, All Summa/The Saints and Natalie Wright. First up, we have Ricks. 

Who are you?

I am Ricks, Chicago West-sider, Founder of AllSumma, Saint.

What Inspires your style?

 My biggest inspiration style wise has always been the street dudes I looked up to in the 90’s and early 2000’s while growing up on the westside of chicago. They always were clean dudes nice leather coats, cool buck fifty hats, super cool demeanors judging off of simple things like the way they walked and talked.

How do you define Chicago Style? How is it reflected in your personal style, if at all?

 Chicago style is kind of tricky because Chicago has so many different kinds of people who I would still consider fresh in their own right. For example, you can have the “super streetwear dude” who likes buying the latest exclusive sneakers matched with their favorite store t shirt. You can have your “super high end fashion” dude who's thirsty every season for Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Balenciaga to drop their new collections and sort of just mix and match it all together. Then you can have your “street” dude who loves Pelle Pelle leathers with his True Religion or Robin Jeans and a fresh pair of Timberlands. Those things definitely reflect in my personal style because to a certain extent I feel like I’m a mix of all that because I like the latest freshest sneakers, I like a lot of high end pieces, and I like Fresh Leathers and Timbs. I feel like I’m a mix of all that in 1 look.

What do you look for from Sir & Madame?

When it comes to Sir and Madame I look for one thing and I know I won’t be let down and that is quality. I love you guys home brand. All the pieces consist of super quality materials, it doesn’t matter if its a screen printed t shirt or a leather backpack, you can count on it to last.  You guys pay a lot of attention to detail and in the end that’s always a win as a consumer.

Favorite Chicago shopping destinations

As far as shopping in Chicago i don’t really do much shopping for clothes but when i do besides Sir & Madame of course i really like this newer spot here called Notre Shop, I’ve always been into RSVP Gallery since they opened, Leaders1354 will always be a staple spot in Chicago, and Saint Alfreds is also a classic spot. 

Favorite websites

As far as website to shop on I don’t have a go to website for shopping. Im all about saving so wherever has the cheapest price for something I like thats where I’ll be making that purchase. I spend a lot of time searching through Etsy and eBay for random cool stuff I like.  Not only just clothes but literally anything that I come across cool that someone is selling I’m not to afraid to buy it at all. I of course can’t help but find myself on Hypebeast ever so often just to see whats to come in the near future whether its fashion, art, or electronics they’ve always been a easy place to find out whats going on. I’m try to stay away from celebrity style blogs simply because I want to stay away from being influenced by them style wise, but when I do I’ll only check because they never have biased opinions on certain celebrities looks.

What are you currently reading and/or listening to?

Currently i don’t have the patience at all to sit down and read books I’m always on the go, rarely sitting down so I’m not reading any books right now. Music wise I’ve been underwhelmed by new music besides Future haha. Besides Future, Tyler the Creator’s “Wolf”,   Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool”, and Kid Cudi’s “Indicud” are all in heavy rotation for me daily. I have a super respect for artists that go against the grain but also still finds a way to make undeniably great music and feel like those albums by those artist embodies that fully.

Favorite Chicago restaurant, bar or lounge

 My favorite is luckily for me, a 1 stop shop, Soho House. If you know me and my crew this is usually where you can find us eating, drinking, or just lounging on a daily basis.

What were you wearing 10 years ago?

10 years ago i was a 16 year old kid wearing BBC, Lemar and Dauley, Crooks and Castles,  10 deep, or whatever cool t shirts from cool streetwear brands i could come across. I was spending a lot of money on denim at the time,  was really into 575 jeans and Antik Denim. As far as shoes I was wearing a lot of nike blazers, dunks, and air force one hi’s. This is when I started buying all my own clothes and i always wanted to make sure I wasn’t dressing like anyone else in school.

In 3 words or less...Style Is?

Style is Self Expression

Ricks is pictured in the Sir & Madame Denim Pindot Western

Find him @iamricks

Photographer: @stefanklapko Stefan Klapko